Voodoo receive is as important as Voodoo transmit . . .

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Voodoo receive is as important as Voodoo transmit . . .

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Getting the receive to make high quality audio is important to hear great Voodoo stations. This part not need to be be as costly as the transmit section. But then again - it isn't free - either. Start out simple and see what and why you need it.

To do this, there are many methods.
It will depend on the radio you have.

I use the Kenwood TS-2000. At the 13 pin ACC2 plug on the back of the radio, is where I get my transmit audio in to the radio - bypassing the mic input on the front. As many of us are aware, this removes the built-in narrow frequency transmit audio, and enters directly into the balanced modulator - which has none of these built-in restrictions.

But the 13 pin ACC2 plug ALSO provides a means to pick up unamplified receive signals. This is then run into an equalizer, audio amp, and 3 way speaker. Look at the owners manual to find the receive audio pins on the ACC2 plug, and then use a shielded cable and run them to this audio gear.

Like I said, there are many methods to get results.

You got to have a wide enough filter width built into the radio to hear a wide signal. This is pivotal for both RX and TX. But you must also get those received signals processed to hear the Voodoo that another station has done. At least, to be able to appreciate it in its fullest!

Not only is this useful for Voodoo stations, but it helps to hear all DX with greater ease and intelligibility. Which means better and possibly more verifiable contacts. Much to gain and little to lose by making the receive audio work for you. The EQ is key; but having a speaker and clean amp pulling out the signals and minimize noise is also essential.
Less ear fatigue - too . . .

Consider it to be an important aspect of bettering your Ham radio experience . . .

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Thank you for reminding me, that I need to get back to feeding the ACC on the '870--have the cap and all, but just no time, man!! :lol:

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