Behringer audio chain : All connected together but how exactly

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Behringer audio chain : All connected together but how exactly

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Dear members

I do have next eSSB Behringer audio gear connected together in a chain :

Yaesu MD1 => MIC2200 =>FBQ1502HD = > MDX2100 =>DEQ2496 =>EX3200 =>DSP2024P =>MX882 => HA8000 => I-box(W2IHY) => TRX

I am totally ne win this business hi hi
Wha tI surely mis is a good and clear connection diagram of of all those units together.
Some guys told me that I have to connect some gear by means of the MX 882 unit and not all those units
chronological in series like I told above ... ?
I do obtain audio output on the last rig in the chain but is that the correct way to work wth it ?

The Behringer HA8000 is a headphones amplifier unit ?
I like to use this unit for audio monitoring function ..
My question is : where I do best can connect this unit (HA8000) to observe my outgoing audio to the TRX .
And how I do realize this,I do not use or have any mixer unit here !!!
All L-channels or 1-channels input and outputs from each Behringer unit are used to form the full audio chain ..
I need to use a "left open connection" for this purpose,but witch one on witch unit in the chain I us efor this purpose ?
I am a bit scared to damage some connection ports while making a wrong connection !!!

With kind regards Jean.

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