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Beyonding The Titans....

Posted: Tue Dec 13, 2011 8:56 pm
by !KANT
Voodoo Audio has been either embraced or discharged from the regions of one's acceptance. It's numbers of ranked members may not be staggering, even amongst the short generations of the eSSB community. But as the mighty Spartans, we stand...and stand with unrelenting strength.

We all are familiar with the sound(s) of eSSB. But do we undoubtfully know VooDoo?? True VooDoo??....

During the days of 10M band openings and eSSB gaining recognition, there was a station with audio so in depth, producing POWERFUL low end content and creating a wealth of wonder no Single Side Bander could dare to ignore. His audio was not ordinary by any stretch of possible definition. It was an infectious gravitation which tugged heavily, starting with your ear canal and coursing its way to the brain, firing electrons explosively at the speed of light. This was his trademark. This was VooDoo....VooDoo Audio.

There was only one with such a magical essence to its practice. Commanding authority and curiosity with without effort, he stood head, shoulders, bawls and all above all others within the SSB Audio Game. To this day he is still considered the pinnacle representation of VooDoo Audio. And in minds, hearts and souls he IS the eased embodiment of VooDoo Audio.

Let the the thunder roll across the heavens, and may the earth tremble beneath your mortal feet as the callsign of an Audio gawd is whispered...


Greg, we miss ya bruthah, and the VooDoo you do so well!!!

Posted: Wed Dec 28, 2011 4:08 pm
by w5kai
I'm On my knees as I read these words. I will admit with pride w5Udx was the voice on the air that really got my attention to better my audio some 10 years ago! Thanks Greg , Many are awaiting your return!

Posted: Thu Jan 19, 2012 1:52 pm
by !KANT
Yes, we do... :twisted:

Posted: Fri Feb 03, 2012 8:25 am
by Voodoo Guru
You know,
Greg is THE reason of the mid stream interest shift from AM to eSSB way back when.

One day while tuning across 40 meters, the receiver came across a signal that would change the direction of this studio forever. It was Greg W5UDX Talking with some others on 7235 LSB. It was unbelievable that the signal was SSB. Of course the only thing to do was to break in and ask what the Hell was he doing???!!! After that, we were hooked.

Greg has what we consider the BEST sounding SSB audio that our receivers have ever heard. Bar none, and that includes Donald James, N2VU. Greg just has the pipes, he would sound great on a Krako with a Piker Mic. Add a little bit of audio gear and a good transmitter to complement his pipes and you have an unforgettable eargasmic experience!

We are proud to be able to call him our Padnah...
Greg, get your ass in gear and get back on the air!!

Posted: Fri Feb 03, 2012 11:36 pm
by CraigN7CAL
Coming to the party late I had only a short time to get to know just how unique that 'Squatch was on air. I knew of the legend long before I made my first sighting of the legendary VooDoo 'Squatch!

And Lo, it was an encounter that made the very marrow in my molars resonate so that the fillings in my gals mouth rattled the next time I locked lips with her.

I was sorry to see him go into hibernation. But I made it a point to grab some of that stuff as he parted and I wont give it up either. It is part of a lineage that I can only aspire to. I will never be able to achieve that beastly bottom end but I can always strive to be better. That bar is set high to be sure,,

Thanks Greg for that mark,, see you soon ,, 'Squatch

Posted: Sat Feb 04, 2012 3:55 am
by it9bdx
I also want to express myself in my bad English ...
Unfortunately I'm away from you and the chance to listen onair is very remote.
Years ago I bought a ts950sdx ... looking for some inspiration on youtube microphone pair.
I found this.
I worked for many years in professional audio .... I had never heard anything like that .... two stations with emissions that define great ... was simplistic ... were sound, emphasis, frequencies that delighted my ears .... emissions that had nothing to do with anything I had heard until then ...
So I discovered something today that I love, something that even I was made very difficult in my country I began to practice .... to love .... and to see grow in me like a passion ... as the unattainable goal for me one day be able to get 10% of the beauty that I heard ....

Greg and Mike, wz5q .... QSOs that were ... I went into the heart ... I have since heard that file hundreds of times ... I like music that intoxicated the soul .... and I found the Voodoo .... I have disturbed so many times that Mike has always responded patiently to my e-mail ... I walked with her ​​kindness in this way. Then I had the honor of having as a "pen pal" also Craig and others .... I can grow my ESSB proponents of the population in my country ... though we are always labeled as being unnecessary and pirates of the ether .... I do not care ... I love the ESSB .... and fonie of Greg, Mike and Craig in particular have been an inspiration for me but I can never aspire ardently dream.

Greg was always my absolute reference .... The voice that reached the state of the art for my taste ... as well as Mike .... with that great bass .... and those beautiful shades ....

Looking I learned that Greg has decided to take a break, I can not accept that he is no longer the hobby .... so I can not imagine QRT .... but only in std-by ... maybe waiting to come back with something that will make us all dream more than ever .....

I can only say to Greg, a child who is a disciple and student far away from you .... do not forsake us .... but if it's your choice I can respect it ... and conclude just by saying THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, Mike and Greg for giving me an open road that I follow every day with passion. Thanks to all who have heard and contacted in the air or by other means to help and friendship you have offered me.

Greg ...... do not let anything you walk away from your passion .... do not leave this endless hole in the souls of those who learned from you to the Voodoo and want you to be there .... more ... together with Mike, Craig and everyone else .... new developments in guiding us on this journey.

I did a long post, sorry, but I can not say once again concluding ... thanks, although I never had the happiness to hear on the radio .... I hope this will be a day with which I am sure Greg will return .... in while .... thank you .... I have no other words .... Thanks for having lit a green phosphorescent light the way I and many others that I did grow up in VOODOO ....

To me, there'll always be in the air .... every time I listen to that video .... I will think and as always .....
"I wish I could be only 10% of Greg and Mike."

73 from sicily

Posted: Sat Feb 04, 2012 8:33 am
by CraigN7CAL

Your post is perfect. and I appreciate your friendship. One day when the bands are open we shall meet on the air but for now I just want to say

Bono grati

Fantastic Post my friend!!!!

Posted: Sat Feb 04, 2012 9:17 am
by it9bdx
is simply what I feel for you all honored to be your friend. Thanks .... always
I also hope to hear from you one day on air
An Hug from sicily.

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Posted: Sun Jun 24, 2012 6:20 am
by it9bdx
As always, I often look at the profiles of those that I have begun to audio voodoo, for months I waited, waited and longed to see what today moved my eyes have seen.

Thanks Greg to be back, you gave a deep happiness to my heart in a very hard time for me.

I await the day to see the new layout, look forward to the day to hear a new recording of your beautiful voice shifted from the wonderful mike, rack and your beautiful ts950sdx VM.

I hope one day have the happiness, the honor, the pleasure of listening you on-air, along with who knows Mike, Craig, Ozzie and all those like you that I admire.

I could not write this message for me today is a better day.

Thanks to all of you a big hug from Sicily.


Posted: Tue Jul 16, 2013 1:22 pm
by Bow
I must say, it was a pleasure, and an honor, to live within 20 miles of W5UDX when I was down in Houston.

No Band openings? we would chat on 10 meters nightly...

Want to mess with the locals?

We MIGHT have rolled down to 11 Meter LSB and had some fun...

I miss being in Houston and the antenna setup I had... and chatting with Greg nightly

VOODOO ! still here and growing stronger......

Posted: Sun Apr 17, 2016 4:12 pm
by WB2WW
HI: bean doing some ESSB signal in 20 meter I have the change to cross
signal with W0WD, KC4PE, KK7TV,VO1GWK, NU9N, KA7GKN, KA0KA, k2GGI, with this Fellas I got to listen to their suggestion about how to improved the sound out of my station also a big thank you to the two guys
who always are there when I do have question KP4BZZ & NG2k I glad the I get the chance to good advise as everything the I put together
is only for one reason and one reason only is to be going back when all started with the ANALOG(tube) equipment. now from all the equipment the I acquire I could said is bean a very hard road to cross, but what I setup to
was accomplish .to the point the I know now the my sound is where I wanted to be.....VOODOO without a doubt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thank you everyone along for all the good report.......
now VOODOO GURU....I just need to cross signal with you someday...HIHI

73.. to all...
one crazy voodoo signal....14.178.0
2016 and beyond having a blast....