The Gawds...They Exist.

Who is at the sublime pinnacle of Voodoo Excellence...
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The Gawds...They Exist.

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Time and time, and time again we find ourselves listening, baited for the sound which unsheathes the excitement within. It's never quite enough to hear bare "tonal quality". We desire Impeccable sounds. Infallible sounds. "INCREDIBLE" sounds.

For much of our Radio time we all discover the truth by which we are relentlessly drawn back into our shacks/basements/"STUDIOS". CW, Digital, PHONE. At least one of these modes garnered our our mere flirtation with wireless communication into a deep and sexy love affair. And it continuously allows for our ever-growing enjoyment of Amateur Radio.

As you read this, we've already been determined as sharing a common underlying appreciation for "above average audio". We receive more than the standard, "5-9". We get the "5-9" charmingly chased by the wonderful words of accomplishment; "...BEAUTIFUL audio, sounds like the BBC..." We gathered the knowledge and hone our practices to proudly attain that very attention and RECOGNITION. Even amongst our slow-paced repopulation we have our particulars. [Hence the purpose of this Section of the Forum]

For the past few years there has been an operator who has exposed his own overpowering modesty. His massively strong vocals not only compliments, but overshadows his stellar station--traits of the many dominating factors he possesses. This is what we want. This is what we enjoy. This is eSSB audio.

Champions and Lovers of eSSB. Please, pay very close attention to the unrelenting focus to....

Bill, N9VR!!!!!!!!!

No doubt, a top section of the totem pole is rightfully reserved for you, sir. EXCELLENT sound (for years now). 8) 8) 8)

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