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For too dang long we've waited for band conditions to awaken from its ghost and PLAY to our liking. Poor propagation equates to less of an opportunity to PLAY radio and hear STATIONS (with beautiful audio). And this leads to other activities--which isn't always a terrible thing. In fact it may be the necessary incentive to work on other projects, or simple enjoyment of the outdoors.

BUT, from time to time the propagation gawds get "funky-funky-FRESH!!" and bust out the proper layer for signal bounce. That's when the fun begins and eSSB returns with a vengeance to dominate the airwaves as an attention getter. Stations from the other side of the county, to the other side of the earth.

As already known, the eSSB sound is unmistakable. Whether from South America, EU, Canada, Asia...North America...East Coast...or West Coast--yeaaaaa, WEST coast. It's not to often that we Southeasterners can always successfully chat it up with the West Coast on 75M. But let flood gates open on 15, 17 and 20M, and listen to the those West Coast boys thunder-bomb our cans sending us to our modern day outhouses with their notoriously depth charged low end. Add some undeniable supreme high gloss top end and you've got the makings of eSSB Audio Perfection.

Topping the list of these Baddies is the most notorious of them all. Common Knowledge brings the callsign and name of this station immediately to the forefront of that West Coast gang. Add his straightforward dead-on target assassin humor, and he simply dominates the airspace. Psychos and psychotics alike, please pay attention to the occupied rubber room for the one and only, Craig, N7CAL!!!

Well done bruthah. Both barrels still a'smokin'... :shock:

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