WTB: Unmodded Kenwood TS950SDX

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WTB: Unmodded Kenwood TS950SDX

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Hi y'all AudioHeads, AudioPhiles and VooDoo Gurus!

Been playing audio using the venerable TS870 and outboard gear and been receiving pretty good unsolicited reports on the audio 8) Especially, after I started using a condenser mic by Michael Joly Engineering.

Now, I would like to buy a Kenwood TS950SDX, one that is cosmetically in great shape, is UNmodded (I will decide on major mods later) or have the receiver modded (monitor mod) for flat frequency response. Depending on the S/N, solder reflow probably should be done. S/N: 60 million or newer!

You can email me at: juha2013@gmail.com



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