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SOLD: Audio Gear For Sale

Posted: Wed Sep 26, 2012 8:44 pm
by w5cul
Up for sale are the following items:

Behringer DSP1124P Feedback Destroyer in excellent condition - $60 Shipped

Behringer DSP2024P Virtualizer Pro in excellent condition - $70 Shipped

Heil Audio PR40 w/SM-2 Champagne Shock Mount in excellent condition - $270 Shipped

I have the original boxes and manuals for the Behringer equipment. The only modification performed on the Behringer’s was the addition of some small clear plastic rubber feet placed on the bottom of each unit on the corners. This was to allow for air flow between stacked units.

Also original boxes for the PR40 and SM-2, including the inner rosewood case and Heil Bag for the PR40.

If interested in any of the pieces you can post a message here, or my direct email address is good on QRZ. Pix on request.

Thank you for time.

Posted: Tue Nov 20, 2012 1:58 pm
by w5cul
Pricing updated, Pix on request.