freqs, bandwith , gain for dxing with condencer mics ?

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joao marcal
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freqs, bandwith , gain for dxing with condencer mics ?

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hi again
my post today is for those you have only one mic and want sometimes do some dx, changing only the parameters in equalizer, as we can see, with voodoo audio the configurations of freq , bandwith and gain is not the same, because it sounds like proaudio and for dx we need modulation with more higts but also powerfull, i believe it possible with good quality with this mics , : so i ask : frequeçies, bandwith and gain for dxing with condenser mics for dx , it is possible ?? :lol:
thanks for any info
joão marçal

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Post by !KANT »

To make this short and simple..... Put more concentration on your midrange frequencies...

I'm not at all in favor of DX Audio since it's irritating as hell to listen to. And I as well as many other Audio Guys have proven "quality" / FULL sounding audio can still hold it's own in pileups, not to mention how it chances the QSO from a simple "ur 59" to "nice audio what are you running over there" :wink:

With the proper EQ parameter set you can still have quality audio without making the listeners' ear BLEED!!!! :twisted:

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