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Aurycle A5500

Posted: Thu Aug 30, 2012 6:21 pm
by w5cul
Another Mic to consider is the Aurycle A5500. This is a DIY tube Mic that you put together. It comes with its own phantom power supply. It is really not that difficult to put together, and after burn in, it is not bad sounding at all. It certainly has a full range response. With the stock tube, it can be a little on the hot side. But that is nothing a tube roll and a couple of cap replacements can't address. The whole unit goes for ~$169 if you get the multi-pattern phantom power supply, ~$139 with the single pattern unit. It has a full bare brass casing, so you can decide how you want to colorfully violate it. Here is a hyper-link to their website: If you are looking for a good starter tube mic, or one that you can modify to your hearts content, then this one garners some consideration.