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ts-870 alc overshoot OR power out problem

Posted: Mon Dec 19, 2011 8:21 pm
by w5kai
Maybe someone has had or seen this before and can help.
I usually run a 00 mil 870. I just setup a 50 mil that hasn't been powered up in a few years to run a while and WOW power out surge to the max! It could be called alc overshoot, but here's what happened.
It was just plug and play from the rack, one 870 to the gain changes at all.
With this rack setup the 00 mil would run about 60 watts out and I could turn up the power to 110 watts if needed. but with this 50 mil I would get 50 or 60 watts out and from no where the arry solutions power master will jump to 150 watts . I tried several different words and phrases and meters and the same crap. 60 watts and then boom 150 watts. I even tried using the cw mode to see what happened and the same thing. di dah di dah 60 watts di dah di dah 150 watts .. .... . - Also when this happens I get only 2 or 3 lights on the alc meter, alc meter never goes out to full alc. go figure. After this happened a few times I went into the service menu and set the radio for 100 watts ,same thang, I even turned it down to 50 watts same thang again.
I'm thinking it could be bad contact within the tif to rf cable plugins or whatever you guys might think. hopefully someone has seen this and can help. Thanks w5kai