PR-781 with TS950SDX

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PR-781 with TS950SDX

Post by Steve »

Hey All

Just got me a really nice TS950SDX :twisted:

Question is - would I see much difference (other than the weight of my wallet!) between the Pr-781 & the PR-40.

Maybe I should rephrase that - would your average station listening at maybe 2.7Khz wide notice any appreciable difference? :?

Thanks in advance for any input.


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Post by MacJordan »

For really beautiful audio, using a studio microphone like the Sound PR 40 or PR 781, connect the microphone via an outboard equalizer like one of the fine products from W2IHY, and then apply the output from the equalizer to pins 2 and 11 of the rear-panel "Accessory" jack. Set the Transmit Bandwidth to Wide (100-2900 Hz), and you will be the talk of the band!
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Post by Voodoo Guru »

Howdy MacJordon,
Welcome to the Forum!!

The TS-950SDX will sound great with either Microphone Steve. If you have a very low voice to begin with, you might want to use the PR781, as the PR40 has a lower frequency response and might sound a little boomy. Also the PR-40 needs a 'Pop' filter because it is very sensitive to 'Plosives'. There is also considerable proximity effect on the PR-40. Saying that, We like the PR-40 regardless. Out of all the Dynamics, the RE-20 is our favorite, with the PR-40 coming in second.

We must respond to your comment MacJordon about feeding the TS-950sdx through the ACC2 connector. This is not a good idea on the SDX as it has the same problem as the TS-870 (C131 Mod) as to where there is a capacitor in line that will start to roll off your low frequencies below about 150Hz. Actually the SDX has 2 caps that need to be changed out. The SDX has a decent Mic Amp and will sound better going in thru the Front Mic Jack then thru the unmodified ACC2 Connector circuit.

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Re: PR-781 with TS950SDX

Post by !KANT »

Steve wrote: would your average station listening at maybe 2.7Khz wide notice any appreciable difference? :?
Couple dependent factors apply in order to answer that question. Signal strength, band cobditions, headphones, playback devices and (most subjective) listening preference(s). Are they listening as wide as possible or narrow because the bands are crowded?? Do they have clogged ears because of a cold or the flu?? Do they like full or "anemic" audio?? Are they Elephants or Donkeys?? :wink:

Always take some or all of these into account when you receive audio reports, 'cause it never fails....


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