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Let it breathe or what

Posted: Tue Apr 13, 2010 6:31 am
by CraigN7CAL
I have been toying with the idea of dissing the MXL 990 just to get a rile out of OZ, worth it alone right there. But I have found a couple things about it that I am not too fond of. With the new Triple C I like it best when I can gate less and let it breathe. Though now for the first time my fan noise is getting in there and proximity effect on the 990 it apparent. Before I had to neuter things so much in the MDX 2200 and I gated twice as well, once in the VX2000, POS by the way, and once again in the MDX 2200. Now with the Triple C I can tell that it wants less gating, or should I start to consider that it wants better gating,, none the less, right now, it reacts better to less gating and the 990 is too hot for this shack,,,,,

So, now I am beck to wanting the SM7B, a GOOD preamp and the 533. I need to figure out which pre amp. The SM7B wants a preamp that has strong gain and so I need to zero on on one that is hot enough and smooth enough.

So, beside my declaration of what I want my question is this,, with a studio condenser mic, what gate handles the noise seamlessly and smoothly

Oh and OZ,, sorry man,, the 990 is outta here ,, need a back up?

Posted: Tue Apr 13, 2010 12:42 pm
by !KANT
Ok Cal. Ya did manage to raise a brow, but only a brow because im not quite shocked--I romoved the '990 from the boom 5 weeks ago. In it's place went a $12 condenser "bullet" mic. Obviously I've found satisfactory results (if not the '990 would be back in place). The reason was the same as yours--the shack can be a very noisy environment. The Clipperton L's fan is LOUD!! and moving it to an alternate position or place in the shack isn't an option. 

The $12 mic had to be EQ'ed accordingly, but it's main purpose of installation was it directional pickup. I mounted it so most of the amp's cooling noise was nulled. Tiny footprint, low weight are other attributes. And of course, the freakin' price!!

The BehrinGER--irritated whn ppl say "BehrinGRRRRRR"...I mean, really??--VX2000 IS a POS. I use the MIC2200, though I will admit to missing the MP-110 and RP533 by Bellari and the Shure SM7B. But it still works. Speaking of the '7B, you be likey that mic (if you haven't tried it yet). I'm sure when other things allow, I'll add a SM7B again. As for the '990, keep it. I've learned that it's worth having an "ole reliable" on standby. 

Dude, WTF!!! Fix the bands so we can chat it up on 20M or 17M and put [excellent] audio back on the air!! Maybe we'll invite some others, if they qualify...LMAO!!

OZMan (replying frm iPhone...sry typographical errors)

Posted: Tue Apr 13, 2010 6:26 pm
by CraigN7CAL
Ya, youre right,, BehrinGRRRRRRRRR.. and the "VX" 2000?,, That must stand for. "Veritable eXcrement"

Oz,, man,, youre killin me with the cheap mics,, How the hell can I justify the SM7B if you keep blazing a path to the pawn shop and Rat shack? But really,, the 533 is next,, No doubt! I used to think that alot of the audio gear expense wasn't necessary do to the fact that in the amateur environment only a percentage of what the "Good" gear could do would come across at the bandwidth we are running, but ,, BS my brotha from anotha mutha,, its all good,, or at least,, it's NOT all good, i.e. the Veritable eXcrement. It's really a cautionary tale of the learning curve. I thought if I got a,b and c that life would be grand. No, actually,,, I got a, then b and then c and guess what, by the time I dump this junk on eGay and buy what I really need, I will have spent a Grand,, learning that the good gear is a good buy and the bad gear goes Bye bye....

So,, It's the SM7B, the 533 and then a GOOD gate,, Shiner Ed says he likes the SNR 2000, but ,, here we go again,, it's Behringer,, So,, I have to find an alternative,,

And,, Dude,, WTF,, Cycle 24,, come on man,, you gotta believe! "Feel the power!.. Lifeless Devil,, COME OUT!!!!"

Posted: Wed Apr 14, 2010 10:14 pm
by !KANT
Dude!! Follow the leads to a place of nirvana!!! LOL!! Well the $12 mic wasn't a pawn shop deal, that was the actual price for it new (at the time) and it came with "sock" and shock mount. The way I figure it; so long as it beats the dang hand mic. In this case it was a pretty good deal. (I'll have to check the specs for frequency response--like it makes a real difference within the 4.5KHz bandwidth I transmit in.)

Getting the SM7B IS justifiable...'cause you want it. See, I had one and really enjoyed having it and its flexibility. Is it overkill?? Isn't just about any "studio" microphone with a response 40Hz - 15KHz or greater when it comes to eSSB??

It used to entertain me when other Hams used to downplay the ideology of using pro gear with SSB, using cost as the strength of their arguement. Then THEY themselves go out and purchase a 'IHY 8-band EQualizer. What i realized was with proper knowledge, you can have audio processing (with pro rack gear) for less than the price of the 'IHY products--isolation transformer included. But it's all about patience, and most (if not all) of them wanted SIMPLICITY--'IHY's offered that.

Now we all know that, "you get what you pay for". But there is a point of Diminishing Return. BehrinGER products work (for the most part), and surprisingly well for their cost...but you know this. That RP-533 is very nice and you'll adore it if you give yourself time to UNDERSTAND it. **Remembered a few who ran out, bought one, then ran away from it as soon as they discovered a "flaw". But the FLAW was at their STATION, NOT the '533. 

I've been listening to TWIAR and I guess the cycle isn't bouncing back the way they thought/expected. So what the bands have been shytty. We'll just continue to dabble in the Labs 'til the time is right. (shhhhhhhh). 

Oh, and let's not forget, "bruthah from anothah Muthah"....weez cuz'inz!! LMAO!!

OZMan (sry for any typographical errors--replying from iPhone)       

Posted: Thu Apr 15, 2010 6:38 am
by CraigN7CAL
Oh,, hey,, Dont get me wrong,, I got a pitcher of Kool-Aid and I'm drinkin what you're selling. "I want, Therefore, I am" There it is there.

I am just talking about the metamorphosis of thought that has taken me from thinking that the expense was not justified to a point in the hobby now where pulling the handle at the sperm bank for cash is not too far out of the realm of possibility. Now,, that's Nirvana!!!

Now as to the relationship of Audioheads,,, You ever seen what them cuzins in the movie done,, No way my Brotha.. As your Brotha,, I got your back,,

Them cuzins have had each others back,,,,,side,,, A simple semantic that delineates a modicum of respect and decorum. Ha hahahahaha ha