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Voodooing The Nady RSM-4 Ribbon Mic

Posted: Tue Sep 23, 2008 7:44 pm
by Bow
Started with the NADY RSM-4

Removed the Inner screens and re-tensioned the ribbon... sounded like this with my fat fingers, 12 String, and the Mic about 10" from the 12 fret, angled toward the Neck/Body Joint:

Next I dug around and found out about Transformer swaps.
Refusing to pay as much for the replacement transformer as I paid for the Microphone new, I discovered the RMX1 Ribbon Microphone Transformer from Edcor... Priced right at $22 + $5 Shipping to my door UPS Ground

Since I have a soldering iron and few Morals...


Remove all the screws from the body and baskets to gain entry to the guts...


Remove the ribbon motor from the basket (Watch those magnets and your screw driver or bye-bye Ribbon), and unsolder the old transformer leads...


install new transformer leads through the neck and solder onto the ribbon motor (Red is Common, Blue is Input), Then re-install the ribbon motor into the Basket for its safety and your sanity:



Next, remove the old transformer from the XLR connector and install the RMX1 leads to the XLR jack... don't forget to run the wires through the mic body BEFORE soldering... ;)

Black Wire - Pin 1
Yellow Wire - Pin 3
Green Wire - Pin 2


Next, reassemble the body with all the screws and try out your modded Ribbon mic!


My mic now sounds like this with the same setup...
My fat fingers, 12 String, and the Mic about 10" from the 12 fret, angled toward the Neck/Body Joint:

Comments welcome


Posted: Wed Sep 24, 2008 2:12 am
by Voodoo Guru
Howdy Bow,
All we can say is WOW!!!!!

And that is Wow on 2 things.

First is the performance of your modified mic!
The mod you performed opened the sound stage up considerably.
It is definitely more open, and 3 dimensional.
The unmodified mic was very flat sounding and 2 dimensional.
The clarity is unreal.
We could hear all the harmonics from the 12 string now like we should,
They were very subdued on the first recording.
The high frequency response is considerably more defined.
We even heard the rattle of the strings!
The frequency separation is also improved.
That was a dramatic difference.

2nd is the outline and pictures of the mod you posted on the Forum!
We would like to see more of that for sure.

For future reference...
Our review was made from just the guitar recording.
We would also like to have heard some raw voice comparisons.
One of the things We do here is to make allot of benchmark recordings of the equipment before it is modded.

Terrific Post Bow!!!!
We enjoyed it,
Take Care and keep it up!

Posted: Wed Sep 24, 2008 5:19 am
by Bow
Thanks Mike.

When I modified the mic, I was using it to record some Guitar work I was doing, and didn't think to record Voice...


Sorry about that.... but the 12 String Acoustic has more frequencies and harmonics than my Voice can do! :lol:

However, I ain't reversing the modification just for the Show and Tell! :wink:

Posted: Sat Sep 27, 2008 7:13 am
by ruisgc
Hi, Bow.

Congratulations!!! :rock:
It's incredible how a little modification can produce such difference.
Like Mike’s said, the sound looks like more 3 dimensional, open and with more clarity.

Keep the good work, and enjoy the RSM-4.
Best wishes.