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Posted: Wed Feb 29, 2012 12:50 pm
by skullman
Ok well its raining here today in sunny calif haha..So sitting around messin with my rack im trying to get some of the (OVER TONES) out of my audio,by cutting and boosting around certian freq thru my hhb classic 70 sets my audio,but the over tones around my audio is what im trying to remove,My idea of over tones is certian sounds or anomallys either side of my audio,Why do i bring this up you say well mabye ive been reading to much ha ha ,but the words (OVER TONES) keep popping up,So my question is does anyone know of this term and how to clean them up around your audio It may just be a term that some people us for sounds around your particalar frequency or ambient noise in your studio or room anyway any input would be cool..thanks.. :?: