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Well, Da Voodoo Rack Attack

Posted: Wed Dec 07, 2011 9:13 pm
by CraigN7CAL
You know, I was just thinking that when I first came to this forum a few years ago, I had no idea that the rack would attack like it has. As I looked over previous posts and reflected back on the original question of whether to Voodoo or Not to Voodoo, I didnt understand the depth of the question.

I think the question should be this. Sex or celibate!!!!! If you think that a "touch" of Voodoo is going to do, then, good luck with that. And if you think that you can just stop whenever you want to, then, friend, let me introduce you to twelve steps.

I started with a simple mixer/eq and I thought I really had something. Now, this thing has eaten me alive.

I hope each and every ham who becomes interested in ESSB gets bit in just the same way. And good luck with that!!!


Posted: Thu Dec 08, 2011 4:50 am
by it9bdx
Amazing dear Craig.
wonderful your new configuration. Beautiful parts!
Just so it was for me too, years ago, when I started with a simple 9-band EQ and a mike Chinese ...
Now recently got a nice Neumann m150tube ... components and new rack dbx, Alesis, Trc and other etc. ...
The ESSB is something that you love or hate, I thank you I learned to love it deep in my heart.

Voodoo or Not Voodoo, voodoo, but if the soul goes ... do not go out anymore and can only grow in all of us!

Listening to your issue, seeing your layout .... I can only find out ... that is how you came to me deep inside

Really great!

Take care!
73 de it9bdx

Posted: Thu Dec 08, 2011 7:35 am
by CraigN7CAL
Yep. thats it Eli,,,

You should post a pic with your new mic and you latest setup

Good to see you on here my friend


Posted: Thu Dec 08, 2011 8:09 am
by it9bdx
and yes, but I think it will post the photos until they will be truly complete ... as I will!
Congratulations again dear Craig, thanks for everything my friend.

Edit for clarity
I decided to stop publishing pictures of ESSB updates for many reasons, dear Craig, some family members ... and especially because I was held up to disgusting abuse of the amateur bands occupying that spends only rack components and mike ....
Unfortunately, this also happens in my country ... one thing that makes it really hard to have the wonderful world of Voodoo.

So for this I prefer to only describe my current audio rack .... since the "amateur" here in Italy so I was forced ... for not having problems. It 'is so bad to say, but alas, since I am also working in radio .... I have to comply.

Returning intopic Dear Craig, I can only renew once again congratulate you, Mike, Greg, Ozzie and all of you, you made me discover the essence of Voodoo and ESSB Audio ....

So do not give up .... Today my little rack is just an neumann m150 tube, an tube pre dbxpro, an first eq Crest, an first compressor Crest, an processor Alesis and then the beloved dbx Pro 641e modified for use ESSB ... in addition to my beloved ts950sdx with all the changes of voodoo labs!

Thanks to all of you always, by a person who admires our voodoo Stations and dreams our emission!

take care!

Posted: Fri Dec 09, 2011 2:40 pm
by !KANT
Eli, sorry to hear of those obstacles presented to you. But keep believing in your sound--YOU have to keep YOU happy. 8)

Craig, I can totally relate to what you are enduring. I'll never forget the first time I heard that sound which clicked the gears in my brain. It was Jack, N2APJ on 15M in '97. I got home frp, work one evening and prepared for my routine CW runs into South America. As I tuned the band, I heard this voice, but his sound was different...VERY different. I was using a stock TS-850SAT. Jack's sound was RICH, full and robust--time and experience has taught me I wasn't hearing anything close to what he really sounded like. :oops: He was using a 950SDX, SM57 and audio gear.

Back in '93 on CB there were 3 of us who didn't use "echo chambers", we used DigiTechs and completely owned channel 38 in NYC. We commanded unrivaled attention because we changed our audio in a way that dumbfounded soooo many--we were recognized as a techy bunch. Since those days, two of us got our Ham licenses, I went on to Extra in '96--adored CW--acquired a 950SD in 2000 and hooked up a 15-band/ch EQ...but got crappy audio reports. Then I picked up a Gold Line Mic...then the 870 Field Day weekend 2000.

The first station I heard with the 870 was Bill [W2ONV]...and I damn-near lost all my marbles. Since then, I've left and returned to Ham Radio many times, but each time I returned, I was enjoying and understanding something new to eSSB/VooDoo Audio. My station has been simplified, but not sacrificed. It has proven one thing for sure, I will always LOVE VooDoo Audio. ALWAYS!! :twisted:

Oh, BTW Craig...I want one of those Back-lit call sign displays--links please. :wink:

Posted: Sat Dec 10, 2011 3:42 am
by it9bdx
Thank you, I love the Voodoo ESSB and also because my old job as sound engineer and audio so it was a natural step for me.

My first equipment was 950sdx ESSB (and current), when I bought it on the internet looking for information on how the lines rack I found the site of voodoo .... and I began my journey in ESSB Audio .... Before I knew it could be derived from professional rack systems interface to the radio but I did very little ...

The idea of buying the 950 ... was motivated when one day I heard a voice .... in 20m .... a voice uttered in a way that surprised me .... an incredibly ... was our beloved W2onv .... dear Bill .... 2002 was the .... ts450s and I had a radio that I used as a backup ... Then I began to understand what was really the ESSB, the year after I bought my ts950sdx .... that was original with a 9-band eq and a compressor coupled to a Shure mike ....

Today the radio is still here with me, although VM ... The rack is very different ... The mike is the m150tube .... but inside of me every time I send with him I can still remember the first time I heard the voice .... who instilled in me the love to the Voodoo Audio.

This is my story, now I also have a modified ft1000mp mrkV VM that gives me great satisfaction, but the 950sdx and his life was marked by me for me to find out what had really loved the radio .... Voodoo!

Thank for all those who made ​​me discover this path, all of you, and I am happy today to help people in Italy who wish to undertake.

Sorry for the OT. But the question Voodoo or not Voodoo ....for me the answer is just. VOODOO for life.

I just hope one day returning to the topic to reach, but not equal to approach those who have been icons for me over the years, Mike wz5q, Greg w5udx and Craig n7cal.
I will never get to these beautiful levels, but what can I say, again, is THANK YOU.

Thank you all a hug from Sicily!