Morphing Voodoo

That VOODOO Low End, Should it be allowed on the Airways or Not?
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Morphing Voodoo

Post by CraigN7CAL »

I was looking at an old post from December of '09 and I thought to myself: Dude, da Voodoo has got you by the short hairs!!

At the time I had the 870 and the
VX 2000
DSP 1124
PEQ 2200
DSP 2024P
EX 3200
MDX 2200
UB 802 mixer
MXL 990

All that crap except the 3200 has disappeared!!!

Now the station consists of

The only Voodoo modified Yaesu FT 1000 MKV MP
Art TPS II Preamp
Voodoo Modified TC Electronic Triple C
DEQ 2496 (which is about to be replaced by the Radius 20)
EX 3200
DSP 2024
882 & 1602 Mixers

As I looked at this journey I have been amazed at how much I have had to learn to this point, how engaging Voodoo has been and how much this is a never ending sojourn of experimentation

My point is this. Without ESSB I dont think I could maintain my interest in the hobby. I dont know about any of you guys but for me when I dial up and down the bands I hear ,, well, I'm just gonna say it, I hear a bunch of boring ass BS!

Listen in to one bunch and you will be able to track the liver spot nets. Tune in on a weekend and you can have 1463 contacts. (Each lasting only 6.3 seconds) Listen in on the "Hi Fi" frequency in the afternoons and you can hear ham radios version of the Merv Griffin Show. You can talk there until the commercial but after that you will have to sit at the end of the couch and just listen.

I wrote on my website that for the younger generation, amateur radio had better get to adopting something in the way of new technology before there is nothing BUT liver spot nets.

With VOIP stuff like Skype, texting, sexting, Myface and Spacebook does anybody really think that 2.4 Fruit of the Loom audio will attract young people when it cant even keep our attention?

But I digress: ESSB and all this stuff is really addictive, challenging and god willing on the road to being legitimized. I can only hope that the excitement I feel is not solely a product of an addictive personality.

You ever look at the Iron Maiden album covers? Theres a character named "Eddie". On one album, Eddie has a web strung down holding a deity, then the devil, then man. I think we should have a poll question.

"Is the Voodoo Guru actually Eddie?" Has anyone ever seen them in the same place at the same time????????

Just wondering
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Post by YO3IBW »

Congrats for the new setup!

My Shack had a lot of modifications in the last two years. The first attend to do something with my audio was to buy a handheld microphone from Audiotechnica, after that I want some control over the way my audio sounds and I acquire the Xenyx 802 mixer.
The Eq on the mixer was poor and I get the FBQ800 graphic EQ, than I needed a compressor and went to the line with MiniCom800. I have changed the AudioTechnica mike with the Behringer B1 and of course, after that I needed a noise gate and bought the Shark DSP110.
The MiniCom800 was replaced with the DSP1424P. I did not like the way it was working and change the DSP110 and DSP1424p with a nice compressor and downward expander MDX1600.
Meanwhile the FBQ800 was replaced with the DSP1124p and Xenyx 802 with the VX2496. In the end, a new soldier came into my shack, the DSP2024P.
Now all the equipment was sold and I bought the Rode Procaster Dynamic Microphone and I'm thinking to buy a brand new line of audio processing, like DEQ2496 and Mic2200.

I hope that I did not bored anyone of you with my story. One thing I would like to say. If you are bitten by the Audio Bug you are incurable. And that's not a bad thing because all the combination between audio and ham radio is quite fun.

Cheers everyone!
73 de Dan YO3IBW

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Post by Voodoo Guru »

You are peering deep into the shadowy depths of the Voodoo Audio Realm. You cannot do this without being brutally touched by the very power that you seek. To be enlightened with this darkness does not come without a price.

You have discovered and divulged our most deepest darkest agenda, for this you will be destined to seek out the 'Lost Harmonix' with an insatiable hunger and relentless desire.

Yes, We do have the POWER to shape your Destiny!

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Post by SawzAll »

Well, I think that high quality audio use with Ham radio is an idea that took long enough to get here. It is practical as well as expanding the knowledge base of Ham radio operators. It has brought something that it needed desperately.

With not so much Moooohuuhohahahaaa either.
He just likes doing that . . .

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Post by !KANT »

I Hey Craig, I really enjoyed that read--had a few outbursts of laughter as well [much needed since I'm actually at work]. "MyFace" and "SpaceBook"...those are priceless--add me if you're on 'Book.

Anyway, the part I wanted to relate to [and there are many] is the fact the Ham Radio continues to need a refreshment. I listened to Ham Radio Nation (on the TWIT Network)--hosted by Bob Heil and Gordon West. In all seriousness, I stopped listening after 3 episodes. I wondered who are they catering to, new or veteran Hams??

Leo Leport [excellent Tech guy on TWIT--I love him] earned his Technician license, got on the air live during the show to make his first contact on 10M. Obviously, this guy was standing by waiting for Leo's CQ call and all, but the sound of the other station was atrocious!! Narrow and irritating. Now, is this suppose to be the one element to bring or keep people in the hobby??

The show has already recognized Heil and his mics and made sure to have a PR-40 setup on Leo's IC-7800. They even touched upon one of the characteristics of the radio being, "it has a built in equalizer so you can add more bass"...[f/ck meeee, REALLY??!!! They actually went there!!!] I've been intending to offer a link to Mr. Leport so he can HEAR the other side of Ham Radio--though he'll be hugely influenced by Heil and others. Not to mention his extremely busy schedule, but it still couldn't hurt.

As for me, I feel a bit of pain that I no longer hear the activity of the audio groups on ANY of the bands. I'm sure as hell not going to use Skype and play audio that way. I play late night radio as my work schedule permits. I hang out on 3933 and it's just great chatter about firearms, antennas, trucking and from time to time audio--on that frequency Icom's and IHY's rule the roost.

Maybe as the seasons become cold again the sounds will return and we'll find some extra worth to turn the rig and fire up the amp to play Deep Audio Radio. I still have the same ole components and they work well. Yes, some modifications would be great to apply, but who the hell's gonna really notice if most receiving stations are "limited" to 100Hz - 3.2kHz at best??

At least we have the forums, right?? :twisted:

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