eSSB or ESSB??

That VOODOO Low End, Should it be allowed on the Airways or Not?
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Read the SSBAudio Groups debate, then make a choice below:

John, NU9N's Definitions and Data for eSSB/ESSB Stand as is.
The eSSB/ESSB terms need to be revised to include Enahnced Audio.
Who cares, just get on the air and MODULATE!
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eSSB or ESSB??

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Howdy All,
Well, there has been much debate over John's, NU9N copyrighted acronym for eSSB/ESSB.

This debate can be seen here:

As to our position on this,

The acronyms eSSB or ESSB stand for EXTENDED SSB, NOT for ENHANCED.
The e or E have always stood for Extended, they have NEVER nor will ever stand for ENHANCED.

We back and support NU9N, John's definition as presented on his Website 100%:

Since NU9N copyrighted these terms back in January of 2003, He has given definitions, terms, explanations, and quantifiable data for you to use in defining your mode of operation.
This information gives you a basis to operate and defend the eSSB/ESSB mode of operation.

That's all there is to that.

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Post by !KANT »

Seriously, shyt needs to be SIMPLIFIED. There is no need to have complicated subcategories of the "same" conform. e/ESSB is WSSB (WIDE) or BSSB (BASSY) to the majority of the Ham community, especially the Happy-Ham Haters. As they see it, either you're "wide/bassy" or not. The terms "Lo-Fi" and "Hi-Fi" do have their places as a description of bandwidth type. But the middle ground is waaaay too blurred. Enter "MID"-fi to resolute the blur.  

e/ESSB IS EXTENDED SSB (in the form we utilize)!! Yes IMO, ENHANCED should define audio 3.2KHz and below. Keep in mind ENHANCED SSB can still be had even at 2KHz [to accent frequencies to allow for sharp "Pile-Busting" audio]. But remember, the greater percentage of our e/ESSB practicianers will transmit outside of 3.2KHz.   

My suggestion, anything 3.2KHz or below which incorporates the use of external audio processing should be deemed "Enhanced". Anything above 3.2KHz (with or without audio processing) should be classified as "Extended". But this will only be RECOGNIZED by operators who practice ESSB. 

Call it what you will, but there are only two categories I believe we should recognize if need be. It's all still (E)SSB and it's favored over that anemic-ear-bled bullShyt narrow audio with NO balls, weight or power in the lowend!!--OMGawd, almost had a Peter Griffin "Grind My Gears" moment...

In fact, there is a GMG moment I need to get off oft chest. Can people PLEASE stop pronouncing BehrinGER as "BehrinGRRR"??!!! Seriously...stop it. 

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A rose by any other name?

Post by SawzAll »

Well, I think ESSB or eSSB adds something to Ham radio that I had always enjoyed. Nice, easily understood voice communication. Regardless of what one may call it. They can and will call it anything they want in the long run of things. Anything but doomed to extinction.

It definitely has its place in Ham radio. So long as there is room on segments of the band for it, it should be accepted as much as digital modes have become accepted. One can also argue that digital modes cannot be understood by the listener, as one can understand phone or Morse code by listening. It is the people that contribute something useful to Ham radio that make it what it has become, and what it will yet become.

Made my first contact with another eSSBer on 10m/28.400USB the other day. He was in northern Washington state, ans I am in Silicon Valley/San Jose CA. He thought I sounded great, and I thought he sounded great. He has a similar musical, studio, computer, and electronics background as I do, so we talked for quite awhile. I look forward to talking to him and others in this 'HiFi' mode of USB. Sure made it more enjoyable and much easier to understand.

BTW - I put the Grrr in Behriger because I'm angry that they don't make a real 250v/transformer-driven tube preamp. You know - they should - so they can get out of their amateur status. Put some nice parts in it too - so we don't have to mod the nasty thing...

Back over to you, Ollie...


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