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That VOODOO Low End, Should it be allowed on the Airways or Not?
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New To Voodoo

Post by kc2plj »

Hello all, I am very new and interested in this whole "Voodoo" Audio, I hear so many signals on the bands that are and just sound to high for my liking. I do not have much gear yet but would like to know what the suggestion would be for: Microphone(s) (Yea I know, this question is always asked first! I know you get what you pay for.) I already have a nice AKG D-880 Supercardioiod mic with a Freq range of 60 to 20000 hz. I also have a equalizer (Behringer XENYX 802) that I had to take off line as it would produce a horrible amount of RF feedback and horrible interference. That's all I have at the moment but have a great source for equipment just down the street (big daddys Music / Audio equipment...Nice stuff). So with that being said, what do I need? Oh, I run a Yaesu FT-950. Thanks in advance for any advice given. Mike KC2PLJ

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Post by CraigN7CAL »

Best thing I can suggest is to look through the Voodoo Crew and see what guys are using, Look up the stuff and read all about it. Then ask more specific questions. Each guy will go a certain way till he gets he figures out what he likes, and that will change as you learn and spend and learn and spend etc...
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Post by K6HP »

Welcome to ESSB and VooDoo audio !

It is certainly a fun facet of the hobby. I concur with Craig....

1. Find some guys on the air that have great sounding audio and ask questions.
2. Look thru the NU9N, WZ5Q, and VooDoo audio websites to obtain as much info as possible.
3. Check out the VooDoo gang on the VooDoo website and see what others are using for equipment.
4. Come back here and ask questions.

HAve fun and 73,

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Post by !KANT »

Guess, Mike got his inquiries answered--he hasn't been back to this post. :wink:

Buuuuuuuuut, just in case he's a lurker, I'm no longer active, but I can tell you that the FT-950 will yield "ok" results for ESSB, but not at the level you might expect. Play around and experiment with it and work to your liking. You may not know what you're TRULY missing unless you compare it to a more ESSB capable transceiver...

BTW, don't trust the monitor on that rig... :wink:

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