CQ, CQ Contest

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CQ, CQ Contest

Post by CraigN7CAL »

CQ contesters

As a weekend rolls into place and Hams get the opportunity to sit at their radios. Many turn the radio on, CQ a little or work friends on schedule. If you listen you can hear many in the ham community still using the ham bands as their primary means of staying in touch with friends. Other times you can hear people making contacts with new friends to be. All in all the bands are generally busy with any number of Hams using the hobby as a means of getting to know each other better and to maintain relationships of long standing. This could be classified as Communication.

As mornings of communication turn into the midday there often becomes such a clatter on the bands that friends are forced to abandon these long held schedules and traditions to make way for what can only be described as the scourge of normal communication, CONTESTING!

Years ago as I started into the hobby I very often enjoyed listening to and participating in field day. Today, field day has become just another contest. Contests have become the cause of bad amateur practice. I guarantee that if you are having a QSO on 20 meters that you started at 9am and a contest starts at 10, you will be run off the band. You will have some thoughtless contester move in on you. And when I say move in, I don't mean that he will be 3 Kc away causing QRM that will necessitate the need to narrow up or notch him out, I mean that he will move in ON your frequency. Or 1/2 a Kc away, or 1 Kc. Contesters don't give a damn. It appears that the great majority of HF contesters use contesting as an excuse for abandoning good amateur practice.

I don't know when this became the case but I can tell you that the FCC, ARRL and contesters all, should be ashamed of what passes for amateur operation during these times.

If you are a contester for whom numbers and certificates are your major motivation and you are willing to crowd out other hams or simply don't care and want only to get that contact regardless of who is on frequency, you are the problem. Next time you are trying to have a QSO and someone moves in on causing QRM, Keep your mouth shut! Anybody willing to abandon good amateur practice simply to rack up numbers deserves NO quarter.

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Post by Voodoo Guru »

Yes, there narcissistic attitudes make for a most horrible and irritating time on the radio when Contesting is 'In the Air'.
But like anything, there are Good ones and Bad ones, but unfortunately it seems the 'Contest' brings out the Bad in most of them.
It seems that just to get that contact or 5x9 report, they will sell there values and judgment to the Devil.
They should be ashamed of that kind of attitude.
I'm not against Contesting, it's a good facet of this Hobby...
I'm against the abandonment of good amateur practices.
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Post by !KANT »

Well the one aspect of CQ contests I [actually] like is the fact that you quickly realize how the bands open up and you hear stations from all over on ALMOST all the bands, even when there is "NO propagation"....

FYI...I miss CW contests--CW's my first love....sry.

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Post by Therapy »

If there is one thing that annoys me most about the ham bands, it is contesters. They are the sort of Hans who only turn there rigs on when there is a contest on and their whole qso goes as follows

Cq contest vk1def

Vk1abc my number are 1234
5 by 9

Thank you


Cq cq contest blah blah blah,
So bloody annoying this isn't communicating, and I feel this shouldn't be allowed in the ham bands. It's not in the ham spirit. So many times I have jumped on 7.090 MHz for example, listened for a minute then started calling cq. Some contester answers me asking if I am contesting, I dy not a chance and that is the last you hear from them, thy know thu are not going to get any " numbers" from you and don't bother. Bloody sad really.

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Post by it9bdx »

Unfortunately, the reigning world amateur increasing incivility and intolerance, the contests are now held as death races without ethics, morality and fairness.
The 5X9 is that from now without looking at the s-meter is a further sign that the proper amateur radio is now a distant memory. Personally I have played for years in the past activities dx / contest but always in a respectful manner and with maximum precision....
Now I'm tired for the reasons that rightly said Craig. I always appreciate a nice touch with friends, I always thought that the radio is over, there are no amateur radio series A and series B as many now do believe .... just because you are interested in talking with some friends and not as obsessed with collecting QSL, country even at the expense of those who still want to use the radio as a medium of communication and experimentation.
I can only agree on everything that you have expressed, take advantage to send a big hug, in this very difficult time for me personally .. I'm starting to see my passion, not the radio....but for many who are part of this ruining the world.
Here reigns the mistaken belief that those who use the radio for the QSOs, to chat with friends, is just an evil that invades the space of lords contester .... By now I am very saddened and disappointed by how I look at moving the world of amateur radio, at least in my country, the total indifference of the authorities responsible for protecting our wonderful hobby.
I conclude by saying that besides being totally agree with you, based on what you say and what goes on here in Italy, you're lucky .. here there are threats now, QRM, insults, music and many other things that they are not worthy of an amateur radio environment ... I alas ... no one else!
Hugs to you all from Sicily!


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