"TSM MUNEO, 38mm Diaphragm, Tube Condenser Mic"

Here's some pics of this fine mic.
Some of them are from Peter, SM5HUA.
The mic next to the Muneo in some of the Pics is the 'Tiny' Neumann M-147!!
The Muneo microphone is about the size of a 40oz Beer Can, and weighs 6lbs!!
We have the screws of our heavy duty Luxo boom tightened as much as possible
It barely holds this mic in one spot!
We backwards engineered this thing to have a schematic handy
for repairs and modifications.
It can be seen and downloaded below. Enjoy!!

Just click on a pic and it will bring ya to a Big Pic.
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The Tiny Neumann M-147!

The Muneo dwarfs the Neumann M-147!

The Muneo at the Voodoo Studio of SM5HUA!

Beutiful Muneo

The Voodoo Capture Device!

Speak Voodoo unto Me!

I am Voodoooooo!

The most Georgeous Mic of all!!

Danger!! MAjik Inside!!

Even the case is Kewl!!!

Killer Equipment!

Inside the TSM Muneo.

The TSM Muneo Circuit Board.

The Back of the Mic Circuit Board.

This is where the two tubes are mounted.

Here are the Components of the TSM Muneo Mic and Power Supply.

This is a Wiring Diagram of the TSM Muneo.

Here is a Hand Drawn Schematic of the TSM Muneo.

This is the Schematic of the TSM Muneo Power Supply.

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